Video conferencing is a valuable skill in today's world. Speakers League is a great place to learn how it's done!

SB first Zoom Meeting

During the COVID-19 "Safe at Home" Season, we have moved our Speakers League meetings to Zoom!

This has worked so well that we now have at least one "online-only" Speakers League Club and are adding more.

Speakers League ONLINE meetings!

Here are some tips on how to use Zoom, and some recommendations to help you prepare for your Speakers League meetings!

How do I sign on to my meeting?

How to join a Zoom Meeting:
Joining and configuring Audio and Video:

When should I sign-into/join the meeting?
Check your email ahead of time for the meeting link and password. Please plan to sign in about 10 minutes before your meeting. Check that your video and microphone work using the methods discussed in the two videos above.
What should I expect when I sign in and join the meeting?
Make sure to turn your video on. You can mute yourself, or leave your sound on. Madame Chairperson will launch the meeting close to our official meeting start time and give you further information about how the meeting will run and any settings that need to be changed. It may be helpful to have a parent nearby if a member needs assistance with this.
What if I have technical difficulties?
Once the meeting has begun, the club facilitator cannot usually respond to technical problems. The following videos will resolve many of your issues. How to join a Zoom Meeting:, Joining and configuring Audio and Video: Some issues can be resolved by moving your device closer to your wifi source. Unstable internet connectivity and sound issues can usually be helped by calling in using one of the phone numbers. If using a phone connection, be sure to adjust your sound settings (the ^ next to your mute button to select phone sound). Members and their families will need to take primary responsibility for connection troubleshooting. The facilitator will make himself/herself available to assist with connectivity issues by appointment outside meeting times.
What should I wear?
Just like a regular meeting you should wear business casual (or better) attire.
May I still invite a guest?
Yes! Be sure to contact the Chairperson with your guest's email address, so that they may receive the link to your club's meeting.
Will we still get award ribbons?
For Zoom replacement meetings (those replacing regular in-person meetings), we will, if necessary, mail out ribbons periodically. For Zoom-exclusive clubs, we will highlight wins on our club Zoom page, and on Level Completion Certificates.
How should I position myself and the camera?
Please sit at a table with your device stabilized so you don’t have to hold it. See image for additional recommendations. Additional tips can be found on the Zoom blog at this link.
zoom example

What Do I Need To Know To Prepare For My Role?

FORMS: All the forms you need for meetings are available to print in the "Files" section of your club's page. Please do this before the meeting.

Practice standing up and backing away from your device so that we can see you from the waist up, as pictured above. Do this before the meeting starts, so that we don't have to wait for you to adjust your monitor or headphone cord.

You will only need to stand to answer an impromptu question or to give a prepared speech. All other participants may remain seated.

Some roles will change for Zoom meetings. For example, the responsibilities of Vote Counter will now be handled by the Chairperson. At the end of each segment, the Timekeeper will announce eligibility as usual. Then, a "poll" will appear on your screen, allowing you to select the winner. The Chairperson will announce winners at the end of the meeting. If you are sharing a screen with a sibling, you will only get one online vote. Use Zoom to chat additional votes to the Chairperson, who will add your votes to the total.

TIMEKEEPER: Please prepare clear signals that are easy to hold close to your device's camera. Ideally, use a green, yellow, and red sheet of paper. Any item is fine, as long as it's not distracting and its color is easy to identify. Also, have a timekeeping device handy, as well as something to serve as a "bell" - either unmute yourself and say "ding!", or hold up a sign that says, "TIME'S UP" so that the speaker knows they have exceeded the eligibility window.

WORDMASTER: Prepare your word of the day and its definition in advance, just as you would for a regular meeting. You don't need to display the word throughout the meeting - just show it to the group when you are introduced. It's up to each member to jot it down and remember to use it. When it is your turn to speak during impromptus, speeches or evaluations, either ask someone in the meeting to take over your role, or have a family member count your filler words for you.

SPEAKERS: Be sure to practice your speech using Zoom ahead of time. You can set up a practice Zoom call with a friend or family member. Using Zoom takes some getting used to. Be sure your internet connection is strong and that you are fluent in "screen sharing" if you choose to use that function to show visual aids. Take advantage of this medium to use close-up visual aids that you would usually walk around to each member.

Be sure, before you start, that your screen view includes the Timekeeper's window, so that you can see the time signals.

Make sure you have something that serves as a lectern to hold your notes. As always, you should never hold full sheets of paper in your hands - only note cards, if necessary. Use all your speaking skills, just as you would in a face-to-face meeting. Have fun!

SELF-EVALUATIONS/EXECUTIVE EVALUATIONS: Scan or photograph the evaluations you would normally submit in person, and email them to the Chairperson. You will receive an email confirmation, along with electronic copies of all Executive Evaluations completed for your speech.