Speakers League

Our Speakers League youth public speaking clubs are a fun, supportive environment where you can become more comfortable and confident with public speaking. Members have opportunities for impromptu speaking, prepared speeches, and peer-to-peer evaluation.

Recommended for children ages 10-17, though capable younger children may also join on a provisional basis (click here for guidelines). Enrollment accepted year-round, as long as there is space in the club.


Club Locations - subject to change in Fall 2023: 

ONLINE ONLY CLUBS - several will continue permanently - contact us to find days/times


Westside (Near 405 & 10)

South Bay (Near 110 & 405)

Burbank - TBD

Pasadena - TBD


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Junior Speakers League

Junior Speakers League clubs (recommended for children ages 7-9) are a great place to begin learning public speaking skills.

The club meetings are very similar in format to Speakers League meetings, with opportunities for impromptu speaking, prepared speeches, and speech evaluations, but the club Chairperson is more hands-on in JSL, making sure the members are ready for, and understand what’s going on at the meetings.

The Member Handbook is simpler in JSL and the members have a worksheet for all speeches they give, to help them achieve the goals of the speech, for example using gestures or vocal variety or visual aids. Like Speakers League, JSL is a progressively-challenging environment to learn public speaking skills and meeting management.

Although Junior Speakers League clubs are adult led, the presence of a parent or other adult aide may be required to ensure any needs are met that might arise for the member. Additionally, parents are expected to ensure that their children are prepared for their roles at meetings.

To see if your child is ready for Junior Speakers League, click here to see our club readiness guidelines.

Enrollment is accepted year-round, as long as there is space in the club.

Joining the Speakers League mailing list will give you information about Junior Clubs too, so click the link to the left to receive a series of emails about the club. After that, you'll only receive updates on new plans or new club opportunities!

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