Still under construction... just a few pics from across all eight SCSD Speakers League Clubs!

Speakers League 2019 Fall Club Officers

2019-20 Speakers League Club Members

Speakers League 2019 Spring Club Officers

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Here's what parents are saying about Speakers League:

"My son will be starting his 4th year in speaker's league this fall. It is a staple in our homeschooling program. Everything else works around the speaker's league schedule. I love the progression through the levels and that he has such a sense of accomplishment as he moves through the levels. The future leaders of our world are current speaker's league members and we are in good hands. The meetings are professional, full of learning and leadership opportunities and the leader is enthusiastic, supportive and talented. I'm so excited for my daughter to start up this year as well. It's such a fantastic program!"

-- Kasi, homeschool mom

"[My son's] teachers commented on his final progress report that after he joined Speakers League -- they have noticed that he speaks out in the classroom with more confidence now than before. I am happy that he also enjoys the meeting and takes it seriously."

- Mimi, Public School Mom (gets her boys out of school early twice a month to attend Speakers League!)

"Best enrichment activity we've done as homeschoolers, no question. With a packed schedule for my 16-year-old senior this year, I broached the idea of dropping Speakers League... he was MORTIFIED. He said he would rather surrender his plan to graduate early than to give up his beloved Speakers League!"

-- Adrienne, homeschool mom

Here's what kids are saying about Speakers League:

"I was in Speakers League when I was homeschooled. I made it to Level III. I just got an A in a college Public Speaking class, where I used tools I learned way back then! The things I picked up while I was in Speakers League still help me today - at school, at my job, everywhere!"-- Jennifer, 20 (Speakers League Alumna)
"Speakers League has changed my life! I use what I've learned these past years for both speaking scenarios as well as everyday life! I am much more confident in my speaking abilities and am so thankful that this program provided a welcoming, fun and encouraging environment for me to learn in!"-- Maddie (high school graduate, Club Mentor)

2018 Speakers League Fall Club Officers